How i can add read only user to my account

Hi, can you help me please with this task haven’t found solution. I need add several persons that can see email and auth0 without permission to delete or modify Anything. This is have to be read only account

For Admin users, Auth0 manages a couple of levels of control from the dashboard.

  • You have an Admin with access to all applications, where the admin can do everything in the account.
  • A client-based access where you limit the admin to only have access/permission to that one client.

Also, you have the Delegated admin option. It is an extension that allows you to grant a select group of people administrative permissions to the Users page without providing access to any other area. You can find more info about it here:

thank you for quick response, but as far as i read there is still option for delegated admin to create and delete users, and it is not read only :frowning: or i misunderstood this ?
client based access: do you mean the next if i have 100 users, i should create one more role and add this role to 100 users?

Yes, in delegated the user still has the option to create/delete other users.

Unfortunally, there is no option for “Read only” admin users.