How do I use ID Token to connect to Management Api V2?

The question is simple, can I use a user’s id_token to get user information from the Management API from the
/api/v2/users/{id} endpoint?

I know that I can request for an API access token, but I was wondering if I can use a user’s id_token for this purpose too.

EDIT: Furthermore, if I try to use the user’s access token the Management API returns an error 400 :frowning_face:

Hey there!

To have a token to call Management API here are the steps to follow:


Is there any way in using the user’s access or id token as the Bearer authentication for API calls? Based on the documentation, I need to call an endpoint via GET request which will give me the Access Token that really works (without using the user’s access or id tokens).

My fear of using this method is the API call limit quota. What would happen if my app hits said quota during API calls?

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