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How do i implement IDP initiated SSO, where Auth0 is IDP



I want to use Auth0 as IDP and login to Salesforce & Jira , Using IDP initiated SSO.
My use case is:

  1. User visits my site, They login to my site through Auth0.
  2. On successful login, user will be prompted with 2 links, for SalesForce and Jira.
  3. When user clicks on any of the link it should be redirected to that app in new tab with user logged in.
  4. login to these sites should not pop up auth0 to verify user.

Would i be able to do this with only one client? Can i get SAML encoded response to my site through some API or url?


Check the reference documentation about IdP initiated SSO when Auth0 is acting as the identity provider:


yes it is but every time it is propping popup and showing login lock. I am trying to implement a flow that user would login on my site through Auth0. On successful login i would provide two tiles. For Jira & Salesforce, When user clicks on any it would login to the corresponding site, without need of logging in or clicking on login lock.


You should have started with that… :slight_smile: and even that although is much more specific still requires some additional information. In particular, you should update your question information:

  • how many client application you have registered in your system? It should be three; one for your application, one for SalesForce and another for Jira.
  • how have you implemented authentication into your own application, for example, hosted login page, embedded Login with Lock.
  • any other information that you think can be useful to reproduce the issue.


Found silent authentication, Thank you.