How do I get JWT to work with Koa?

So here is my current code…

    import jwt from "koa-jwt";
    this.whitelist = [
    this.jwt = jwt({
        cookie: "Authorization",
        secret: AUTH_SECRET
    }).unless({ path: this.whitelist }), next)=>{
        return next().catch((err) => {
            console.log("Errored out "+err);
            console.log("Cookie is "+ctx.cookies.get("Authorization"));
            if (401 == err.status) {
            } else {
               throw err;

Then I set the access token as the cookie…

ctx.cookies.set("Authorization",, {httpOnly: false})

But when I try to run this it always says the token is invalid (even though it looks correct in console). I tried both the access and id tokens. Can anyone help?

Here was my final solution…

    import jwt from "koa-jwt";
    import jwtrsa from 'jwks-rsa';
    this.whitelist = [

    this.jwt = jwt({
        secret: jwtrsa.koaJwtSecret({
            jwksUri: `https:\/\/${AUTH_DOMAIN}/.well-known/jwks.json`,
            cache: true,
            cacheMaxEntries: 5
        audience: AUTH_CLIENT_ID,
        issuer: `https:\/\/${AUTH_DOMAIN}/`,
        cookie: "Authorization"
    }).unless({ path: this.whitelist });
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Thanks a lot @jackiegleason for sharing it with rest of community!