How do I access the refresh token with the Vue3 SDK?


I’m using version 1.0.3 of the Vue SDK (auth0/auth0-vue in package.json) for Vue 3.2.37.

I successfully managed to retrieve the access token using this.$auth0.getAccessTokenSilently() (using the options API, not setup()), but I need the refresh token as well. I opened the console of the navigator to the network request, and the POST request to the token endpoint show information such as the access token, the id token, scope, token time and how long before it expires, but it seems it doesn’t provide me with a refresh token at all. How do I retrieve it ?

The reason I need it is because I’m building a simple Vue app for the login process that pops up on a mobile app. So the users log in to the web application using their browser that pops up on their screen. The access token is then transmitted back to the app. This is not the point of this thread, but please feel free to tell me if what I’m doing makes no sense…

Thanks !