How do I access ID or Access Token programmatically?

Hello, I have read similar topics regarding my question. While those topics were informative, I cannot find the programmatically way of accessing and using the ID or Access Tokens returned by Auth0 on a successful user login or sign up. I am using a simple HTML page coupled with JavaScript. For the login, I use Auth0’s domain and Universal Login Classic Lock.js.

The idea here is to have access to app_metadata after the user logs in and is redirected to my site. In order to access the app_metadata, I have read in other topics that this can be achieved by using the so called ID or Access Token. My problem is that I don’t know how to access them programmatically on my site in my domain. How can I achieve this?

Any tips, guides or reference will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @ysaez. I would suggest browsing the QuickStarts. Lots of example code there that will get you up and running:

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