How do I let a user generate an API token for programmatic access to my website?

As a developer, I can connect to different websites and generate an API Token. This allows me to call the website through code instead of as an interactive user.

What is the best way for me to provide this API access to my website (that uses Auth0)? Ideally, tenant editors (Settings - Tenant Members - Add Member as “Editor - Users”) would be able to create a token for programmatic access just like they can create a user and assign permissions.

Since that is not an option, what is the best alternative?

Hi @bill-s,

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You are referring to a Third Party Application. Auth0 does not support API keys but instead follows Oauth2’s solution, Client Credentials.

Here is a doc that explains it from a high level:

With that said, there isn’t a turn-key feature for what you describe, and you will have to provide most of the framework for your developer-customers. Let me know if you have questions.

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