How do I access extended profile data for Google connection?

Whilst using the google-oauth2 connection, the user’s data provides fields such as given_name, family_name and picture. However I am unable to find extended information, such as gender, birthdate, country, language, as specified by the “extended profile” attribute in the connection settings.
(I have been testing across a variety of Google accounts, with multiple variations of profile settings)

Is there something extra I need to configure to access such data?

Perhaps it might have something to do with Google changing their scopes?

I have been unable to reproduce the issue you are facing; testing a Google connection with Extended Profile enabled returns the following user profile for me:

![alt text][1]

Note, that only attributes which;

  1. The user has in their Google account profile,
  2. Have made public,
  3. Have granted permission for your application to read,

Will be retrievable from the Google profile.

Hi @prashant, thanks for the response.
I am getting the same profile data back:
However fields are missing such as birthdate and language as hinted at here:
The Google accounts used all have their data set to public:

Gender is only provided for Google+ accounts.
Enabling Google+ in connection settings and within the Google API console. This has had no effect.

Any ideas how to get birthdate etc to appear?
Thanks, Al