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Profile scope not returning user profile in Google OAuth2

I have setup a connection to Google OAuth2 to authenticate users. I was working all day on this app yesterday and with the profile scope added, I was able to return all the user profile information that I required from Google on authorization. However, one minute everything was working and the next minute, I was returning a basic payload { iss, sub, aud, iat, etc… } without all the user profile info. I hadn’t made any code changes, and can’t seem to identify any Auth0 configuration changes I would’ve made that would’ve caused this. On day 2 of trying to resolve this issue and still no luck. I am new to this and really struggling, any help would be appreciated.

…aaaaaaaaaand nevermind. Apparently all I had to do was give in and post a question to be able to figure out my issue. I created a rule that filtered out my scopes for role authorization purposes. That interfered with my profile scope. In hindsight, seems pretty stupid that I didn’t realize this sooner.

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Glad you were finally able to make it!

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