How do connection types affect SSO for multi-org tenants?

We are already deep into our auth0 implementation and have had a couple of assumptions we realized we have had to reanalyze with auth0. Primarily, if sso is enabled, each of our customers chooses which connection types is enabled, but then if a user signs in the first time with apple for instance, but it is not enabled on the other app, will it logout and switch accounts globally? How does SSO and varied connection types affect eachother.

Also, I’m gonna throw in please please get otp sign in methods deployed for orgs asap. This was another assumption we made that we just found out a couple weeks ago is in the Q3 milestone. Our original sales person told us otp was in and we could do multitenant auth (true, but they don’t work together yet). Now we are too deep in and praying this gets done while our business members grow more frustrated by this.

Thanks everyone,