How come "Allowed Web Origins" does not allow wildcards?

At the least, the UI needs to warn you that wildcards are invalid in the “origin” field. Thank you!

Thank you for providing your opinion on that @jbailey! I just passed it to our product team.

Apologies in advance in case my exact use case is already on your radar, I want to give you the opportunity to add my data point.

As mentioned by others, we’re using Netlify deploy previews that generate a subdomain that looks like this: https://deploy-preview-102--<netlify-account>
where <netlify-account> is a placeholder for a unique identifier that’s only tied to our Netlify account and 102 is the identifier of the PR on github.

I would like to add the following wildcard, which should cover all future deploy previews:

As far as I understand, this wouldn’t pose a security risk, assuming Netlify makes sure that no other Netlify customers will get a subdomain with our <netlify-account> suffix, which I think is a reasonable assumption to make. I understand that https://* would be a bad idea, perhaps this is a restriction you can build in, or a trigger for a warning or something.


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Thanks for providing that context! I will pass it through to our product team!

I would also like to vote for this feature for the same reasons as other people (feature/testing/demo branches)

I have use cases of creating demo branches to demo the tools to different stakeholders.

I do wonder how long/what it takes for the development team to get to a feature since this issue was opened in 2018.

Thanks for advocating for this feature @smblee!

I would try to discuss it once again with the engineering and product team what are the roadblocks here and see if there is some public guidance I can reveal.

Yes, our team needs this as well

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Hey there @fh-jashmore!

Can you provide us with your usecase so we can have some justification for our product managers? I believe that going to them and saying them that we have another user who request that feature without any usecase won’t make the whole thing better. Thank you!

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We do face the exact same use case as @edor with Netlify and as the rest of the community are not able to follow your product teams reasoning. Hope to see the issue get fixed soon. It is always sad to see product managers following their own agenda, ignoring their clients needs. I would really like to see PM joining the discussion and not hiding out.

Let me advocate for that so we can have a joint discussion!

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I’d like to add that since we’re managing our auth0 infra with Terraform it isn’t maintainable/feasible to have an approach like @steve1 (Auth0 Application (Client) generation per dynamic subdomain).

Thanks for sharing that!

Our last ISO 27001 renewal pointed out that Continuous Deployment is a boon in terms of security. Not having it supported out of the box with Auth0, our authentication system has been noted as an issue or a part at risk in our architecture.

Auth0 can reinforce the spec AND allow wildcard domains. Just put a warning somwhere to say as the current domain matches a wildcard rule it is not secure.

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Thanks for letting us know. I will relay that info the the appropriate team!

I received a survey today asking my opinion about my experience Developer Pro. I made sure to mention this issue when responding to the question “What auth0 feature would you most like to see released?”. I encourage others to do the same!


Thanks a lot @jbailey for doing that!