How can I setup auth0 as the IDP for a third party application?

I’m trying to build a flow where we can invite users to our application, that user then needs to be given access to a BI reporting tool called ThoughtSpot which supports OIDC / SAML.

We’ve built the reverse previously where if a user has access to a third party we setup a federated identity process which grants them access to our app, however now we’re trying to build a process where we’re the IDP offering the federation.

Is there any guidance / documentation around this?
I saw there’s SSO integrations in Auth0 but only for a number of third parties, and ThoughtSpot isn’t one of them

Hi Jack,

Most of the configuration for this will be in ThoughtSpot. You can set up ThoughtSpot to use OIDC to connect to Auth0 as the IDP.

To get started, create an Application in Auth0 for ThoughtSpot. In that application, go to advanced settings, then Endpoints. These will be what you use to configure ThoughtSpot.


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