How can I set custom entity ID (issuer) of Auth0 Identity Provider?

I want to set up multiple SAML applications in a single Auth0 tenant that will be integrated with the single Service Provider. The reason why I need to have multiple apps in Auth0 is that I have multiple organizations (tenants) in the SP. The SP requires a unique entity ID in IdP metadata. Unfortunately, Auth0 provides the same entity ID (issuer) for every SAML application.

Is there any way that I could customize the IdP entity ID?

I found this article but it occurred that it won’t help me as it describes the integration between Auth0 and other identity providers and not a service provider.

Azure Active Directory has a solution for such multi-instancing setup. We can enable a setting which appends application ID to the Issuer in the SAMLResponse.

Is there anything similar in Auth0 for SAML add-on when Auth0 serves as the Identity Provider?