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How can I send password reset Email rapidly?

We currently authenticate users with Invite-Only Applications.
Therefore, we use “bulk user import functionality” to register users and invoke “change password api” per user.
However our service requires “100,000 users registration within 1 hour”.
We know sendgrid api can send 100,000 emails with bulk api.

Is there a way to invoke “change password api” in bulk?

Hi there @egami.masato, there currently isn’t a way for you to change your user’s passwords in bulk. This will need to be done user by user which you can leverage the Management API for. However it’s important to note there is rate limits depending on your subscription status. I have included a link below that breaks down the rate limit depending on the tier. I would recommend that if this is a feature you feel you could benefit from, please go to and share your request for the ability and your detailed use case. Please let me know if this helps give some insight, thanks!

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I wanted to follow up @egami.masato and see if you had any additional questions on this subject that I could assist with? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your reply.
So even if I use paid plan, 15 requests per second( = 54,000 requests per hour) is maximum.
It means 100,000 requests cost 2 hours, right?
I understand and reconsider our requirement. Thank you

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