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How can i restrict multiple logins?



I created one client, i am using this client for my application login process. I am facing with multiple logins with same user to my application. I wanted to restrict multiple logins with same credentials. How can achieve this?


I am facing with multiple logins with same user to my application

What do you mean by facing multiple logins? can you clarify what that means and also what restrict multiple logins with same credentialsmeans?


Using same credentials user is logging into application from different sources. But I wanted user should login to application from only one source at a time.


There’s no builtin-in way to achieve that functionality purely through configuration. You can consider using a rule to prevent subsequent authentication requests for a given end-user based on your own custom logic. Another alternative in some situation would be to handle that strictly in the scope of the client application, that is, the user can still authenticate successfully any amount of time that he desires us, but then the client application would warn him about the multiple session and prevent access.