Limit the number of concurrent logins

Hi All

I was wondering is there any way to limit the number of concurrent logins, so if a user is already logged in then another person using the same credentials can’t also login.

I was thinking of using a rule to check if someone is already logged in, and if the ipaddresses don’t match then refuse the authentication request but i don’t know if that would be the best way to do it.

Hi @eldonio,

Welcome back!

There is no built in config for this use-case, but it could probably be done via some custom logic, based on IP address or some other identifier, but this is something you will have to figure out, but we would love to hear about it!

I have heard of session management being something considered by our product team, but we have no eta or guarantee at this time. The best way to advocate for this feature if it is important to you is by filing a feedback ticket. This is a direct line to out product team.

Good luck!

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