How can I maintain Universal Login Templates through Management API using auth0-java?

SDK: auth0/auth0-java
SDK version: 1.31.0

I want to use the Universal Login Templates feature. According to the Management API doc, this should be available through /api/v2/branding/templates/universal-login.

However I can’t find any corresponding code in the auth0-java implementation. The nearest I can find is through the Organization entity, but this only gives access to the standard items (logoUri and colours). Is there no way I can download or upload a ULT template through Java?

I want to be able to manage this from my application server, not from the client or through the Auth0 console interface.


Hey there!

I fear that’s not possible but let me research that and get back to you shortly!

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Hey there!

Unfortunately I managed to confirm that it’s not yet doable with Java and pretty much most of our SDKs. As of now it’s only doable directly through Management API.

OK, thanks for checking it out for me. I’ll just have to script it using curl haha

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No worries! Here for you!

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