How can i like the statefull user with post table

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so after login the user in i get the stateful user and i want Auth0 to handle the user information and don’t want to store it by myself if i am not required but can I access the laravel relationship with the user

say i have a post table

title : string
user_id: string (it the auth0 id)

is there a way to define the relationship on user model and the the stateful user class delegate to the user modal for the relation and look for the post where the user_id is the auth0_id

Yes, you can define relationships between your Laravel models and access them when using Auth0 for authentication. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Define the relationship in your User model: In your User model, you can define a relationship to the Post model using the hasMany or belongsTo methods. For example:
class User extends Authenticatable
    // ...

    public function posts()
        return $this->hasMany(Post::class);
  1. Retrieve the authenticated user: After the user is authenticated using Auth0, you can retrieve the authenticated user using Laravel’s authentication functionality. This will give you an instance of the User model representing the authenticated user.

  2. Access the related posts: Once you have the authenticated user instance, you can access their related posts using the defined relationship. For example, to retrieve all posts associated with the authenticated user, you can use:

$authenticatedUser = Auth::user(); // Retrieve the authenticated user instance
$posts = $authenticatedUser->posts; // Access the related posts

This will give you a collection of Post models associated with the authenticated user.

By defining the relationship in the User model and accessing it through the authenticated user instance, you can leverage Laravel’s Eloquent ORM to handle the relationship between users and posts, and retrieve the related posts based on the user’s Auth0 ID.

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