How can I customize text on reset password link expiration error screen?

How Auth0 Community,

When a reset password link is expired, the following error screen is shown on https://…

We are using New Universal Login. When I tried to update reset-password-error’s custom text, it does not update the error screen. Please share your advise.

Hi @kewong ,

I tested this issue and noticed that with the Classic Universal Login enabled, we will receive the “Authentication Error, Access expired” error. Can you please check if “New Universal Login” is enabled?


Hi @lihua.zhang,

I checked, we do have New Userversal Login Experience, when the Change Password URL Lifetime expires, clicking the link on email would show Authenticaiton Error, Access denied error screen. It happens to 3 of our tenants.

How can I cutomize the text on this error screen?

Hi @kewong ,

I don’t see any issue with your configuration. Ideally, it should work. Below is my testing result.

I am happy to test this on my end if you DM me the scripts of the Raw JSON of the reset-password-error template.