How Can I Correctly Integrate Okta with Our Application for SSO

I aimed to enable users to access our application directly from the Okta dashboard through a single click. Here’s the process I followed to set this up:

  1. Development Account Creation: I established a development account for Okta using a Google account.
  2. Identity and Service Providers Configuration: Okta was configured as the Identity Provider (IdP), and our application was set up as the Service Provider (SP).
  3. SAML Application Setup: I proceeded to create a new SAML application in Okta, specifying it as “internal” and providing the necessary URL and Entity ID.
  4. SAML Configuration in Auth0: With the details from the Okta SAML application, I configured a SAML connection under the Enterprise connections in Auth0.
  5. Enabling IdP-Initiated SSO: I enabled IdP-initiated Single Sign-On (SSO) within the Enterprise connections settings in Auth0.
  6. Login Flow Verification: The login flow was tested and confirmed to work as follows: Our login application redirects to Okta (which momentarily shows a loading screen) and then successfully forwards to our dashboard application, courtesy of the specified redirect_uri.

However, I encountered an issue when initiating the SAML application directly from the Okta dashboard. The flow gets stuck at Okta’s loading screen and subsequently redirects to a Google page with the URL pattern{domain}/acs.

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