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Hot to get refresh token using auth0 social login api?



I am using this api “” for social login but I am not able to get reresh token in the response.

While in username password login we get refresh token from auth0.
So how to get refresh token in social login case?


What type of application are you developing? Is it a “Single Page App” or a " Web App" or Native?

Each type of client has their own OAuth flow to be used, and depending on this, has a way to get their refresh token.


To my knowledge the /oauth/access_token endpoint does not allow you to obtain a refresh token in the response. Additionally, have in mind that the endpoint is question is considered a legacy endpoint and you should do social authentication through a browser-based flow that goes through Auth0 and which would indeed allow you to obtain a refresh token. Check the note available in the docs for this endpoint for some additional relevant information.