Refresh token missing from Salesforce Social Login

Hi there!

I’m using Salesforce Social Login with New Universal Login Experience. Everything is setup accordingly and users are able to login etc. Using Management API I’m able to see access_token in the identities section but there is no refresh_token. The connected app is configured to return refresh_token and it has been tested to do so with custom login flow (not using Auth0).

As per this doc, refresh token should be available where I’m looking for it as SF is using OAuth 2.0.

What’s going wrong?
Thank you.

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Hey there @jdny, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Were you able to get this sorted? That’s interesting there was no refresh token being returned - Typically if there is no refresh token available it’s due to the lack of an offline_access scope, or in this case access_type=offline as well the connection_scope scopes. I’m looking at this section of the doc you linked and at the Google provider in particular as it provides the most detail.

Let us know!


Hey @tyf,
I’m experiencing exactly the same as him, even when passing explicitly 'refresh_token' in the connection_scopes (made sure that when passing random connection_scopes it fails, so there’s certainty there), sadly the identities of a user still only contains the access_token - and when giving access to the SF app it explicitly asks for offline access, so I’m sure that it passes the offline_access permission.