Hosted change password page - "Lock like interface" version

I am using the hosted change password page with slight customization and had a somewhat unpleasant experience. I am using this script “” (same used in the default page) which is similar to Lock, but it’s not quite v9 nor v10. Configuration is a mix of both, but it is not well documented. It would be nice if it could be updated to something similar to Lock v10.

Is there something in the work?

@mbraga The change-password widget doesn’t always follow the Lock development cycle, hence may not have all the configuration options the Lock does. Can you give me an example of what you are trying to achieve?

I’ve achieved everything I need, so I have no major complains there. Still, the difference in options is a bit confusing, considering that while Lock is well documented, the change password script is not, there are just inline comments in the default page.
The major difference is in internalization (language) options, though. As an example, “languageBaseUrl” setting.

Providing summary of the comments and some extra information as an answer for increased visibility.

As stated in the comments the control used in the hosted reset page does not follow the same development cycle as Lock and although it does have some similarities, it’s an independent control.

We understand that consistency simplifies things and I can confirm that at least for the internationalization aspect of it there’s already an issue to track this and support a similar mechanism as Lock, however, this is an internal repository so there’s no public way of tracking that implementation and I’m unable to also provide a definitive timeline for this. In addition, given this would be an improvement it may not be very high on the priority list.