Hello all! I'm getting this repetitive and brain-numbing error of "JWT must have 3 parts"

Thank you for giving away your precious time and thought for this issue!

So, I’ve been getting this error of “JWT must have 3 parts” error for days now. At this moment, I am actually lost here. I read this thread ==>( What does 'JWT must have 3 parts' mean?), but I have absolutely no clue of what to do with that information. I tried and tried everything I could, but I got no green to go ahead. It’s all red and repetitive!

Following is the error that I get when I try to login to this simple MEAN stack authentication app
autherror1|690x268 !

Certainly, this is an error due to something that’s not right with my JWT token.

What can I do?

Can you shed some light on it?

Thank you guys here at Auth0 community!

Hi @edupurpose12,

Are you getting this JWT from auth0? if so, please post the code you are using to make the request.

Let me know,

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