Having problem to get user data when try to login with auth0 in CodeIgniter 3.x version

I am facing an issue when try to login with Auth0. I create 2 function for this and route for this but when I try to get login it show me login page of auth but when I try to get all data with help of this function “$auth0->exchange(base_url(). ‘callback’);” as per documention but it cause an error and didn’t display any thing. I also share every thing which i try with my code Please help me out with.

$route[‘auth_callback’] = ‘index/auth_callback’;
$route[‘callback’] = ‘index/setupAuthCallback’;

Auth0 Login Button:-
Click here to Login with Auth0

Functions of Controller:-

function auth_callback() {
$auth0 = new \Auth0\SDK\Auth0([
‘domain’ => $this->auth[‘AUTH0_DOMAIN’],
‘clientId’ => $this->auth[‘AUTH0_CLIENT_ID’],
‘clientSecret’ => $this->auth[‘AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET’],
‘cookieSecret’ => $this->auth[‘AUTH0_COOKIE_SECRET’]
header(“Location:” . $auth0->login(base_url(). ‘callback’));

function setupAuthCallback() {
    $authConfig = [
        'domain' => $this->auth['AUTH0_DOMAIN'],
        'clientId' => $this->auth['AUTH0_CLIENT_ID'],
        'clientSecret' => $this->auth['AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET'],
        'cookieSecret' => $this->auth['AUTH0_COOKIE_SECRET']
    // Define the base URL and callback URL
    $auth0 = new \Auth0\SDK\Auth0($authConfig);
    // Handle callback
    $hasAuthenticated = isset($_GET['state']) && isset($_GET['code']);
    $hasAuthenticationFailure = isset($_GET['error']);
    if ($hasAuthenticated) {
        try {
            $auth0->exchange(base_url(). 'callback');
        } catch (\Throwable $th) {
            printf('Unable to complete authentication: %s', $th->getMessage());
    // When authentication was unsuccessful, the end user will be returned with an ?error in their request.
    if ($hasAuthenticationFailure) {
        printf('Authentication failure: %s', htmlspecialchars(strip_tags(filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'error'))));
    $session = $auth0->getCredentials();

Please look in this code and let me know where I got wrong?

Is there no one who had enough knowledge of Auth0?