Has anyone had any joy integrating with Laravel/Orchid?

Laravel/Orchid is an open source solution for adding admin panels quickly with Laravel.

Having integrated Auth0, I’m now experiencing a post-authentication infinite redirect.

On trying to access admin panel admin/users (default panel), it redirects to the /login route registered by the Auth0 SDK and the authentication flow via Auth0 proceeds correctly, ultimately calling the callback which redirects back to admin/users.

but admin/users is simply then redirects to /login, which kicks off an infinite cycle.

In my UserRepository, I am seeing that the authenticated user is being picked up in fromSession().

So I need to figure out why admin/users is redirecting to /login. Presumably its not recognising the authenticated used, so perhaps I need to figure out if it’s using a different user provider, although the fact its calling the auth0 registered route rather than its own default auth route led me to believe I’d already done that, but I’m not experienced with Orchid so user error is likely.

Apologies is this isn’t the correct category for this request, I’m new to Auth0 too and still figuring out this site too!

Any tips or pointers welcome, but I’ve already read a ton of documentation.