Handling separated databases

It’s my first time using Auth0 and I have some troubles understanding some concepts, but my biggest concern is how should I handle separated Databases.

If I have a customer, which is stored in Auth0 database, how can I assign a ticket/department/manager for this customer. I do have some work arounds like getting his email and store it in my database as customer Id, but I think that this is not the right way to do it.

  • Clarification:
    Before using Auth0, I was using Sql database and I was storing the identity database and any other related tables in the same database.

So can you guide me to any article or any thing that explains my concern.

Thank you so much!

Hi @jamal.ali.habashi,

You can use the user_id (the sub claim in the token) as a unique identifier for your user. Here is a thread that talks about it:

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How can I store the ID in my local database once the user registered or logged in for the first time?

I tried to use the rules and apply this article, by redirecting the user to another registration page in which I can get the information that is not related to the authentication process.

Redirect Users From Within Rules (auth0.com)

but it turns out that I can’t send any parameter(userId) in the redirection url, should I use hooks instead?

Thanks for your help!

It took me about 2 hours to figure it out :frowning: . The ID contains a special character “|” that cannot be sent in the URL. I handled it. I am not sure if what I am doing is the right way to do it.


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