Handle SSO logins for existing users


Currently, we have SSO enabled via Azure/Microsoft. We have a problem where users who have existing Username-Password registered accounts, try to sign up again via the SSO button.

The problem is that auth0 doesn’t stop them from signing up, and we end up with duplicates in our auth0 user list - just with different connection types.

Why does auth0 not prevent this from happening and how do we resolve it?

Hi @s.murray1

This is somewhat complex.

There is no “signup” for federated connections (Azure/Microsoft). An account is created automatically when a user logs in to these connections for the first time.

Having an account in multiple connections is a valid use case. If it is not what you want, there are tools (the pre-registration hook or action, rules or actions, account linking) to mitigate this.

I can’t help without a lot more detail. This question is one you might benefit from Auth0 professional services on.