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Guardian e-mail address not updating


Users have successfully enrolled in the Guardian app using a valid e-mail address, however changes to their e-mail address are not reflected in the list of enrollments shown in the user’s app. This is causing confusion for our users.

The user’s updated e-mail address is shown correctly in the database, but it not reflected in the app.

Possibly related, if the user does NOT provide an e-mail address upon enrollment, the email address instead shows the SUB claim. This value is also not updated when they provide a valid e-mail later.


:wave: @joe.gallagher I will have to check if the email address would not be updating. I agree that it would be confusing to the users. I am checking with my team on this and will respond back shortly!


FYI: a ticket has been created for this issue: #00416672


Thanks Joe! It appears this is the behavior we expect, as in it will not get updated in the app. I agree this could be confusing to the user. What we could is reset enrollment upon email change for a user that would create the effect that the email address has been updated and users will see the correct email. This may not be what you’d hope for or expected, so what I’d want to do moving forward is I can process a feature request with the information and use case you provided within the email and the ticket to push for the change, or you could submit the feature request yourself at , but I’d be more than happy to do it for you as you’ve already provided the use case. will follow up in the ticket!

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Thanks! Please go ahead and add this as a feature request.

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