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group members authorization extension



I am able to retrieve group info by calling
GET /api/groups/325c742f-06cb-4a28-9f6c-e2dd12faa067
but when I try
GET /api/groups/325c742f-06cb-4a28-9f6c-e2dd12faa067/members
I got and invalid grant type error.

Any idea?


I could not reproduce this and after obtaining an access token containing the read:groups scope I was able to perform the following calls with success:

  • /api/groups/{group_id}
  • /api/groups/{group_id/members`

If you still can reproduce the situation it may be useful to update the question with the exact version of the extension which you’re using and also some information about the access token. For example, you can include just the header and payload sections of the token (omit the signature) so that it’s not a valid token.