GoSDK Management API returns 401 Unauthorized: Bad audience: http://localhost:8080/

Hi Everyone,
I was trying to find answer in previous questions, but it looks like there is no one recipe, so asking here:-)

So what I need: I am trying to create a user using go-sdk.

What I’m doing:

  1. Setting up the Management Client
m, err := management.New(domain, management.WithClientCredentialsAndAudience(ctx, clientID, clientSecret, audience)) // Here audience is http://localhost:8080/
  1. Using the management client to create a user
managementClient.Client.User.Create(ctx, &user)

What I received:

"error":"401 Unauthorized: Bad audience: http://localhost:8080/",

I encountered a few topics in the past, but they didn’t help. Can someone please help me with what I am doing wrong here?