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Google Suite/Apps additional user informations for rules creation


We connected Google Apps domain successfully. I activate Groups, Is Super User , is suspended and accepted terms options. When I try the connection I successfully get my user info but none of the additional informations. How get infos and which JSON fields are used for that, so I can implement rules that assign scopes to certain group users and reject all suspended users.



The “Try” button on connections (a.k.a. the connection tester) only shows limited information (the claims available in the profile OIDC scope), but it is very likely that more information is given to Auth0 (like the groups and others). To check, pick any user from the Users section of the dashboard and check the “Identity Providers Attributes” pages for the info you are after.

If the additional information is present and you want to make it available to applications, you’ll have to create a rule to add the information as custom claims in the OIDC user profile that the application gets. See for guidance on how to write such a rule.

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