Google Social Login Constantly Redirects when it's a new account

After setting up the Github and Linkedin logins correctly, I tried to set up the Google social login for universal login for OAuth. However, when opening the browser on incognito mode, using a new google account not connected with the client again, the browser continually does some weird redirect loop for a long time, until it takes us back on the login page.

I have followed all set up steps correctly, and Github and Linkedin work accordingly so. Whenever I turn Github and Linkedin off, only leaving Google on, the same issue happens.

To reproduce this bug:

  1. enable Google OAuth login for the application in Auth0
  2. open an incognito window
  3. go to the application
  4. choose Google and enter any Gmail account not currently associated with the application (can delete your account from the Auth0 Users list to redo the test)

The expected behavior would be that after login you get taken to the app. The actual behavior is that the page refreshes, possibly multiple times, and then you return to the login screen.

When you log in again after this redirect fiasco, it seems to work, but for a new client, this redirect thing would be very bad. Is there a way to fix this?

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