Google refresh token absent from call to https://{domain}/api/v2/users/{userID}

Hello Auth0 Community,

I can successfully complete a login with Google SSO, but when I call on the management API from my backend to get a Google API Refresh token, it is absent. I need to call the YouTube Data API.

Response from my backend:

  "created_at": "2024-02-15T17:01:11.309Z",
  "email": "",
  "email_verified": true,
  "given_name": "User",
  "identities": [
      "provider": "google-oauth2",
      "access_token": "access_token_placeholder",
      "expires_in": 3599,
      "user_id": "user_id_placeholder",
      "connection": "google-oauth2",
      "isSocial": true
  "locale": "en",
  "name": "User",
  "nickname": "nickname_placeholder",
  "picture": "picture_url_placeholder",
  "updated_at": "2024-02-21T18:09:48.663Z",
  "user_id": "user_id_placeholder",
  "app_metadata": {
    "authenticated_with_spotify": true
  "last_ip": "ip_address_placeholder",
  "last_login": "2024-02-21T18:09:48.662Z",
  "logins_count": 17

Frontend call to /authorize endpoint:

          access_type: "offline",
          approval_prompt: "force",
          connection_scope: "",

I’d appreciate any help.