User Management return null refresh token for google social identity

I’m integrating auth 0 with google social login. Since I am trying to call google classroom api, I would need a valid access token. The problem is, the google api credential will expire after 1 hour and this forcing my user to reloging using their google account via auth0.
To solve this I would need google idp refresh token, so I can refresh the credential for the user without relogin. Unfortunately, I keep getting refresh token null from the auth0 user management api.

I’ve set my authorize script to have offline_access scope

I’ve also tried this seetings

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Hi @ia.nainggolan,

Can you please post a code snippet instead of a screenshot? We can’t see all of the connection scopes you are passing.

This has been solved by calling patch connection endpoint
and set the upstream param

"upstream_params": {
            "prompt": {
                "value": "consent"
            "access_type": {
                "value": "offline"
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