Google home actions incomplete account linking

I am currently going through the process of creating a google home actions for a device I’m making. I have webhooks set up for google fulfillment, and also auth0 client ID, etc.

I am using this:

When I try to add my device in home control, I can see it is bringing up the auth0 page, but when I authenticates it bounces me back to the previous screen without my device added.

I look at auth0 logs and I see 4 entries:
Success Login
API operations
failed exchange
warning during login

warning during login mentioned that I am using dev key, which is fine to me, but failed exchange gives me an unauthorized error. But it doesn’t say what that is specifically. here’s the log.
“date”: “2020-05-02T00:53:19.225Z”,
“type”: “feacft”,
“description”: “Unauthorized”,
“connection_id”: “”,
“client_id”: “it has the correct ID”,
“client_name”: null,
“ip”: “”,
“user_agent”: “Other 0.0.0 / Other 0.0.0”,
“details”: {
“code”: “*************1CR”,
“device_id”: “v0:508f0610-8c0f-11ea-8e19-a1c2fd9d78d1”
“hostname”: “”,
“user_id”: “”,
“user_name”: “”,
“log_id”: “90020200502005323876000764310336552419774247345256923250”,
“_id”: “90020200502005323876000764310336552419774247345256923250”,
“isMobile”: false
what is this error and how to I correct it?

Somehow this problem went away when I recreated another application and copied all the settings over.

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