Google Analytics Sign-Ups Tracking

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I track signups Source / Medium using GA and Data Studio. In our signup process, we redirect the user to sign in via Auth0 and when a user chooses to sign in with Google, later on, I’ll see in my reports that the source/medium for this sign up is / referral - which of course doesn’t tell me where the user actually came from - any ideas on how to solve it?

We embed the GA code on our customized Auth0 page, however, I’m not sure this will help (plus, not sure how that goes in terms of cross-domain tracking)

Hey there!

We used to have some docs on integrating Auth0 stack with Google Analytics but we do not maintain it anymore so unfortunately I won’t be able to provide you with any guidance.

I am able to add our Google Analytics script to the custom login page, would that help in any way in our opinion?

As I said unfortunately we no longer are able to give you advice on integrating Google Analytics with Auth0 as we have deprecated that guide.

We are having the same problem here. Our company just implemented Auth0, and this has seriously impacted user acquisition metrics for our Growth team.

Has anyone managed to figure this out?

Hey there!

What I can do from my end is to encourage you to place product feedback inside our feedback category here:

Make sure to provide all the context that may justify your usecase.

Hi, thanks for your reply on this. My organization is experiencing the same issue. Is there an analytics service that you all do work with? I’m just curious and interested in finding a solution.

Analytics for my organization are a very skewed due to the fact that when a user clicks the “Sign Up/Sign In” button, they are directed away from our site and on to our Auth0 sign in screen. When they sign back in or register for an account, they are then redirected back to an authenticated version of the portal but with slightly different session information. This is technically bouncing them from and then reintroducing them to our site.

Unfortunately we do not offer any integration like that at the moment.

Thanks @jatinvaidya for sharing that with the rest of community!