Google Analytics Integration

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I was hoping you could give me some more info about your integration with GA. We’re looking at integrating the two using the scripts provided on your website, however, when one of my colleagues attempted to click on the ‘analytics tab’ in the Auth0 back-end it only gave them an option to sign up for beta. Is the analytics integration currently functional or will I need to implement tracking events via another method?


Did you sign up for the beta? It is functional and our setup steps give you a good path forward, including implementing tracking events and such.

My team mate signed up last Friday but still hasn’t heard anything from Auth0.

So after conferring internally it seems that there’s a mixup on Google Analytics Integration and Analytics on the Manage Dashboard. They are two different things.

Google Analytics integration is covered here and you don’t need to turn anything on or signup for any beta:

If you’re wanting Auth0 Analytics which transforms and aggregates tenant’s user and user event logs into charts and such is the “Analytics” menu option which currently is a beta that randomly gets switched on for customers in groups of 20 every Monday - signing up doesn’t mean it’s immediately available.

My guess is, based on what you’re mentioning above, you’re wanting the Google Analytics integration which is easy to implement.

Thanks Jeremy,

You’re right, there was a mixup. Thanks for confirming that we can just follow those instructions, this is great news!


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