Google Analytics on hosted login page is not registering events

I’m trying to add Google Analytics to the hosted Lock page. I followed the guide here but no events are registered in the GA panel.

Seems simple enough, so what am I doing wrong here?

My hosted page with Lock looks like this:

    window.auth0AnalyticsOptions = {
      'google-analytics': {
        id: 'UA-01234567-1'
  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>
    // Lock config params...
    var config = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent(escape(window.atob('@@config@@'))));
    config.extraParams = config.extraParams || {};
    var connection = config.connection;
    var prompt = config.prompt;

Help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi, did you ever get this sorted? I am having the exact same issue. I’m tempted to submit a question of my own, but it would be word for word the same as yours.

Hi chris9,

No unfortunately not. The setup seemed simple enough so I was unsure of what to actually change.
It would be nice to hear if someone got GA working with the hosted lock page and could share their configuration.

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Same thing for me - both for Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics. I can add it as a Rule - and that works - but I’m not sure that I will get funnel correlation that way.

Imma try adding it as a post-login action in my app.

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