Google action Auth0 account linking Token expires for every 24hours

Hi all,
I am developing a Google action and added account linking
In the linked image you can see the settings I did in Action console->Account linking.

In AuthO Applications added all fields necessary, JWT Expiration set to 604800 also in APIs setting I have updated Token Expiration (Seconds) to Token Expiration (Seconds)

Account linking works perfectly but after 24 hours, my Google action prompts the user to ‘link the account again’, Even though I changed the JWT expiration to 7 days and Token Expiration to 7 days,I don’t know why action asks the user to ink there account again after 24 hours.
Kindly help me in this regard as it is very important me to publish action and running over my deadline

Per ( the recommendation is to use authorization code and a refresh token instead of long-lived access tokens. In order to obtain a refresh token besides an API settings allowing refresh tokens to be issued the client application would need to send the offline_access scope.

In your screenshot either you’re intentionally not using offline_access for testing purposes or you have a typo in that scope. Can you confirm if there’s a particular reason to not try this with refresh tokens?

thank you @jmangelo .
That was a mistake from my side. I changed _offlineaccess to offline_access.
I will wait till next 24 hrs and will confirm

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That worked,Thank you

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!

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