getTokenSilently without cache failing on firefox (without redirecting to log-in page)

I had noticed a getTokenSilently fail on page refreshes when on most non-chromium browsers (i.e. firefox), which I investigated and partially rectified by enabling refresh tokens and their corresponding fallback. Now, page refreshes don’t require the user to re-authenticate, but as part of my application’s functionality I require the issuing of a new token to the user, which I had called through getTokenSilently(cacheMode='off'). This works as desired on chromium-based browsers, but on firefox has the same failure that requires re-authentication on triggering this action (redirecting the user to the log-in page). What are my options here? My configuration is as follows:

		redirect_uri: window.location.origin 
		audience: <myaudience>
		scope: "openid profile email offline_access"

Upon further inspection, it appears the refresh token is not at any point being returned

Fixed by enabling offline_access in my API page

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Hey @diddley welcome to the community, and thanks for following up with your solution :slight_smile:

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