Application is getting redirected when calling getAccessTokenSilently() to get a new token when we have an active token

In my application we are using React SDK to authenticate a user. Our token expiry is of 60 mins and we have a requirement to refresh the token before 60 mins to get a new token for other subsequent API calls. For this we are calling the getAccessTokenSilently({detailedResponse: true, cacheMode: ‘off’}). “cacheMode : ‘off’” calls the token API and we get a new token. The issue which we are facing is that when we are calling the token API again with cacheMode: off the application reload automatically and we are re-directed to home screen. All the unsaved changes are lost. With cacheMode: ‘on/cache-only’ we get the same token again hence no APi call and hence no refresh but we get the same token which is not required. Any leads on this?

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What are you seeing in response to the request to get the token silently? Is the request failing and requiring a login?

@dan.woda i am getting the sucess response with new access token and ID token. It also does not require a login. But the issue is there is a redirect_uri parameter going with the token API call(I have tried overriding it with empty string also in getAccessTokenSilently() arguments) with is making the application to reload.


Response -

Also, as per the documents if we make useRefreshToken= true the token will get reloaded after the token is expired but it is not happening currently. I am using @auth0/auth0-react": “^2.2.3” package

Thanks for the additional info.

I set up a test app to try and reproduce this issue. I can’t reproduce the issue with reloading if I use refresh tokens and getAccessTokenSilently({detailedResponse: true, cacheMode: ‘off’}).

In my test app, I get the token silently in the background and stay on the same page. I used the Auth0 React SDK Quickstarts: Call an API code, added useRefreshTokens: true to the provider, and {detailedResponse: true, cacheMode: ‘off’} to the call to getAccessTokenSilently.

Could you please share your provider setup? Omit sensitive data please.

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