Getting Users' Phone Numbers

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I need to get the phone numbers of my users. Ideally, I want a user to submit and verify their number on sign up. Is there a canonical way to do this with Auth0?

Additional (Probably Unnecessary) Background:
Currently, I’m trying to do it via Guardian Multifactor Authentication. Unfortunately, this seems to save only the last four digits of their phone number. Moreover, I can’t figure out how to access this partial phone number in my app (I can only access it online via my dashboard).

I don’t think I am the only one looking for this answer; @ma.kemble also asked a similar question in this thread:

A response would be greatly appreciated!


:wave: @tommy.giardina Unfortunately this is not available at the moment. I have lodged a feature request for this.

We may be able to customize the onboarding flow where we would collect the phone number while creating the user. And automate the creation a Guardian enrollment ticket using the POST /api/v2/guardian/enrollments/ticket endpoint of the Management API

I don’t think we have a built-in way of achieving this. What I’ve seen in signups that require phone verification, is that they verify the number as part of signup flow, and not once the full form has been submitted. Usually this is achieved by doing something like this:

  1. Having a phone number field, where you input the number, and a “Send code” button next to it
  2. Then, using a SMS API, like Twilio, you deliver a message with the code
  3. You also show a verification code field with a Verify button next to it
  4. When the user inputs the code they received via SMS, you use the same API to validate the phone number
  5. With the validation in place, you now allow your user to submit the signup form


Thank you for your responses, @kimcodes and @mauricio. Both solutions seem like they would work for me!

Unfortunately, I am still new to Auth0 and have many other things on my plate right now, so I will probably be unable to implement this right away. When I do, however, I will post the documentation I used along the way (for posterity’s sake).

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@kimcodes - When should I expect news about this feature? I’m juggling a lot of tasks right now and so would much rather wait for Guardian’s potential out-of-the-box solution. Is there anyway I’ll hear back before the end of next week (07/14)?

I really appreciate your time and effort! I just want to make sure that I’m not putting myself in deadline trouble.

Hey @kimcodes and @mauricio, thanks for the responses. Thanks a bunch @mauricio for providing an example of verifying numbers using the signup form as well, I’ll talk to my client about using this approach to save our users’ numbers.

As @tommy.giardina has mentioned, we’d also like to use Auth0’s solution to this if possible and would be interested in any updates. Thanks.

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You may make a PATCH request to the management API /api/v2/tenants/settings endpoint (see docs) with the following JSON body to access the phone number :

  "flags": { 
    "disable_management_api_sms_obfuscation": true
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