Getting user likes from facebook connection

I am trying to get user_likes using facebook social connection. I have enabled the user_likes permission. By going directly to the FB graph API explorer and specifying the “likes” scope, I can get all the likes.

But through Auth0, I only get favorite_athletes (but not the rest of the likes).

What am I missing?

Hey Amit!

In order to help us debug what you may have done wrong we need more details to reproduce the issue:

  • What stack are you using?
  • What steps we can follow to meet this error
  • SDK versions
  • etc.

I have a facebook connection that is configured with Likes (user_likes). When a use “Try” functionality, it only returns me favorite athletes but does not return me all the pages that are liked. If I go directly to the facebook Graph API, it returns me all the likes (if I ask for the filed likes)

Is there a way for me to tell auth0 to ask for the “likes” field?

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Thank you for providing all that context! Let me do some research here and get back to you soon!

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response but I must have trapped myself somewhere in between all those questions that come to community on a daily basis. Sorry for the delay once again and let me get back to the core issue here.

I’m not sure if it will be doable with Facebook connection from Auth0 side of things, what I will do is to potentially hit the right API from Facebook to get that data in my app. Here’s the API for that:

Let me know if that helps or maybe you solved the issue in the meantime! Thank you!