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Getting the error: "this.getClientInfo is not a function"

Hello, as the title says, I’m getting an error that says “this.getClientInfo is not a function” (under node_modules/auth0/src/auth/index.js:70:61). However, looking directly into the package, I can see the function’s declaration. I’ve been using a boilerplate system for any third party packages and this is the first time I’ve seen any issues for a function not being recognized. I’ve tried reinstalling the package and no luck. Any idea as to what is going on here?

import { Injectable } from ‘@nestjs/common’;
import uuid from ‘uuid/v4’;
import { AuthenticationClient, ManagementClient } from ‘auth0’;
import { EnvConfig } from ‘…/configpath’;

const config = {
domain: EnvConfig.AUTH0_DOMAIN,
clientId: EnvConfig.AUTH0_CLIENT_ID,
clientSecret: EnvConfig.AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET,
audience: https://${EnvConfig.AUTH0_DOMAIN}/api/v2/,

export class Auth0Service {
public authenticationClient;
public managementClient;

constructor() {
this.authenticationClient = AuthenticationClient(config);
this.managementClient = ManagementClient(config);
} …

Here is the snippet that is causing the problem!