Getting new access token based on old access toke for different client id

We are trying to implement a login which consists of a default client app as domain and multiple client id as sub-domain. Now when a user comes he authenticates the default client app and gets his access token.

Now using this access token and user information we have assigned him a sub-domain client id (tenant for our app). Is it possible to use access token from default app and current sub-domain client id combination to retrieve access token for sub-domain client id. We need a single sign-on experience. If not, is there any way to support single sign-on in this scenario.

Auth0 does not allow exchanging an existing access_token for a new access_token at this moment. But if all of your applications reside on the same Auth0 tenant, once a session is created for the user at the Auth0 domain (i.e. when the user first signs in) then subsequent authentication requests (from a different application) should not prompt the user to re-authenticate again (as long as all the applications share the same connections), so that individual applications can request a new token without the user experience being disrupted (except for a redirection).

If you have an older tenant, make sure you turn on the “Seamless SSO” option in the tenant Advanced Settings. If you don’t see the toggle, then it’s enabled by default on your tenant.


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