Authenticate to multiple applications with a single sign on

Use Case:

With a single login to an application, access all applications in the tenant without logging in again.


I have a configuration in my tenant where I have several applications:

  1. Sales site [client_id:123]
  2. SAAS Product [client_id:abc]
  3. Helpdesk [client_id:xyz]

These applications all share the same same connections and user database.

I would like to have users authenticate a single time and then have access to all applications in my tenant, without having to login again.

For example:

  1. visit, login and receive token and session
  2. visit, and use the my token to step one to be automatically logged in

Troubleshooting so far:

It seems like I can’t use the aud claim to pass multiple client ids.

It seems like the Auth0 SSO Extension does not solve this use case.

Hi @taylor.pine , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

If you’re using the recommended Centralized Universal Login SSO should work straight out the box for the applications configured within the Auth0 Tenant, please see our Quickstarts for guidance on configuring these applications.
Hope the linked pages help provide the guidance you need, thanks!

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