Getting connect ETIMEDOUT when calling auth0 authentication and management api

We are using node js as a client to sync auth0 users with our own system. So I am calling like 8 to 9 request doing a single operation. While it works for some time and some time I just cant get any response from auth0 apis. The application provides connect ETIMEDOUT message. We are on trail period and is it because of our fault, are we getting blocked after calling request in short time.
Please let me know

Hi @ayush.karki and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Have you reviewed our documentation on our Rate Limit Policy to ensure you’re not calling those endpoints t0o often? If you were being rate-limited however I believe your dashboard logs would reflect that as well.

That error could be coming from any Rules, Hooks, or Custom Database Scripts that you have set up. I’d recommend using our Realtime Webtask Logs extension to see if these timeouts are originating there.

Let us know what you find out and we can go from there!


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Hi @colin.coutts thank you for the reply.

yes I have read about the Rate Limit Policy and it doesnt seem to be the case here. Since I did watched the rate limit headers and we are not calling same api more than 3 times.
We donot use hooks and custom database scripts but we do have rules and I have disabled the rule but still can generate the issue. Every time I test I get the same issue after couple of successfull calls iteration.
The api calls detail for single operation will be like this:
{url}/oauth/token - GET - Auth0 token
{url}/oauth/token - GET- Authorization extension token
{url}/api/v2/users?q=username:{username}&blocked:false - GET
{url}/api/users/{userid}/groups - GET
{url}/api/groups - GET

I ran these in single operation and the issue occurs 1-3 times every 10 runs. I donot get any response for auth0, its like the request never reached to the auth0 service and same message every time.

Hi @ayush.karki

Thanks for the information, do you think you could capture a .har file of this ETIMEDOUT occurring for me to investigate further? Please send this to me in a DM along with your tenant and I’ll see what I can find out. Details on capturing a .har can be found here:


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Hi @colin.coutts
I found the solution and its on our end the problem was with node js dns issues and I found a way to deal with issue using a solution here.
Thanks for the help.

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Perfect that you have eventually figured this out!

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