Getting access_denied error trying to get access token via /oauth/token endpoint

I am getting the following error response

    "error": "access_denied",
    "error_description": "Unauthorized"

even though my non interactive client has been given authorization to the API from dashboard and the grant_type client_credentials has been allowed in the client settings

If you granted the authorization and enabled the grant type then another possible explanation for the error in question is if you’re performing the request with incorrect client credentials (a copy/paste issue with the client secret, for example).

If you access the API details there’s a Test section that allows to generate a test access token for the application you select so if this also works fine for the application in question it’s another thing suggesting that the issue is in how you are performing the request, for example, not providing the client credentials in a supported manner or wrong client credentials.

I am seeing the exact same issue. There is no copy past issue and authorization has been granted. Every time I do a Post, I get access_denied.

I am seeing the same issue. There isn’t a copy/paste issue and authorization has been granted