Getting error for oauth/token. Grant type 'client_credentials' not allowed for the client

I have create regular web application and I want to get the oAuth token from outh/token, for that purpose I have M2M app. and want to use that token in api/v2/users API. manuall token is working fine for api/v2/users API.
but oAuth/token API is giving error
error: “unauthorized_client”
error_description: “Grant type ‘client_credentials’ not allowed for the client.”
error_uri: “Application Grant Types

I don’t know why this error is coming, I’m using Nextjs and calling apis by fetch

Hey there @pythonsweng welcome to the community!

At what point exactly are you getting this error?

Typically this error is spot on, that is whatever client is requesting the token using client credentials doesn’t support the grant type. Client credentials are only used for confidential applications like M2M .

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